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What to Do?

In northern Portugal, there is a place full of adventure, excitement and adrenaline... accept the challenge and discover PENA ADVENTURE PARK!

PENA ADVENTURE PARK is a new park Amusement and Adventure Sports Park located in Ribeira de Pena, Vila Real district, aimed at all sorts of people who enjoy taking part in activities in contact with nature.

Due to a growing demand for thrills and different experiences, people have felt the need to change their way of living, often turning to sport and greater contact with nature. Adventure sports are becoming increasingly fashionable and have emerged as an essential tool in the quest for such experiences.

This will certainly be a park for all ages, offering the widest variety of open-air activities and providing feelings of freedom and pure adrenaline, leading people to socialize more, to feel more healthy and at ease and freeing them from the stresses of everyday life.

A fantastic range of activities awaits you on land, in the air and on the water, ensuring enjoyment of moments of great excitement and fun!

Among the activities available for children and adults, descent by Fantasticable, where you can enjoy an experience that is very close to the "Flying”, comes highly recommended.......

Try the Greatest Fantasticable in the World!

If you have a spirit of adventure and seek excitement in your life, take delight in the world of PENA ADVENTURE PARK and enjoy a day of pure adrenaline