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What to Do?

GoOnBike is a branch of the company Vertigem Verde Lda., based in Peso da Régua, Vila Real.
Its mission is to offer the pleasure of discovering places, cultures and people in a unique atmosphere of fun, fellowship and team spirit, essentially using the bicycle as a means of transport, demonstrating an ecologically sound attitude.

GoOnBiKe mainly offers programmes in northern Portugal, but its activities extend to other countries, such as: Spain, Scotland, Switzerland, Italy and Cape Verde, among others.

In addition to bicycle tours, GoOnBike services available in PEDRAS SALGADAS spa & nature park include programmes designed for families and businesses, also prepared for team building exercises. The duration of the activities can range from half a day to 1 to 2 days, creating great moments of fun, fellowship and team spirit.

All activities are conducted in open spaces, in touch with nature, with special attention being paid to locales, the characteristics of which are unique, and where routes pass through fantastic locations, many of them with limited access. Interacting with the local people and their different cultures is an enriching experience. The emotions felt in these programmes are difficult to describe, and must be experienced to be perceived.

If this brief and simple description has sparked your interest, we invite you to experience and feel these emotions.

For further information, please contact us by email:info@pedrassalgadaspark.com