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Tree Houses

Incorporated into the Pedras Salgadas Park design and conceived by architect Luís Rebelo de Andrade, the tree houses arose from the challenge of creating an element that could fulfil the imaginary image of tree houses. The idea was to create an object moves away from orthogonality and pre-established concepts associated with construction. This house, developed in partnership with the company Modular System, uses a technology already tested on prototypes that enables a lightweight, self-supporting construction.

Coverings in slate and wood, indigenous raw materials, help foster integration with the landscape and render these architectural houses invisible, thus maintaining focus on this one-hundred-year-old park. Inside, the tree houses have two windows, one through which the life of the park may be observed, and another to look at the stars, a bathroom divided into 2 parts, a kitchenette, a double bed and a sofa.

Sustainability and ecology were constantly present in the development of this project: the non-impervious floor surfaces, reinforced coatings and insulation, the reuse of blackwater, the very low consumption lighting systems using LED technology, among other solutions found, give the initiative coherence and a raison d’être.